Molecular Diagnostics Made Easy! The Next eazyplex® Update Is Coming!

Press release | AmplexDiagnostics GmbH

The simple and fast AmplexDiagnostics eazyplex® system supports diagnostic teams worldwide 24/7 for urgent parameters like sepsis or CSF analysis. The LAMP technology saves time and costs of DNA/RNA extraction and delivers results within minutes. 

The CE IVDR certification came just in time for the 20th anniversary of the privately owned AmplexDiagnostics GmbH from Bavaria. The proven signature product eazyplex® system supports people around the world in their daily laboratory diagnostics. Due to its simplicity and speed, it is particularly suited to support diagnostic teams not only but also as a 24/7 aid for urgent parameters such as sepsis or CSF analysis. As Katharina Bach was able to show in her publication „Performance of the eazyplex® BloodScreen GN as a simple and rapid molecular test for identification of Gram-negative bacteria from positive blood cultures“ and Matthias Karrasch with „Value of the eazyplex® CSF direct assay in rapid diagnosis of invasive meningococcal disease – Case report“. The remarkably robust and fast LAMP technology saves time and costs of DNA/RNA extraction and delivers results after 15 to 30 minutes. Already during the run, the first signals are displayed in real time after a few minutes. This speed and the reliability of the method are valuable aids when it comes to urgent examinations. The system is equally helpful and facilitates the day-to-day routine testing, as all devices have random access, and all tests have very short turnaround time (TAT). The broad portfolio includes HAI screening directly from swabs, gastrointestinal parameters such as Salmonella differentiation, detailed EHEC diagnostics and C. difficile detection. Respiratory parameters for the detection of atypical pneumonia and Pneumocystis jirovecii are also included, as is an entire STD panel. One of the latest kits has been developed, after a distributor enquired urgently needed kits for a hospital’s outbreak management. Now you can detect Candida auris in 25 minutes. And of course, a detection of SARS-CoV-2 is also one of the eazyplex® kits. Since Amplex has always been a specialist in the detection of resistant germs and rare resistances, the eazyplex portfolio is not only particularly up to date in this field. Amplex attaches particular importance to adapting the target combinations to the needs of the customers. And it is precisely this customer proximity that has led Amplex to further develop the proven eazyplex® system. Even more convenient, even less hands-on time with the same familiar speed and reliability made in Germany. Come to our stand Hall 03 Booth 3E93 at the Forum MedTech Pharma e.V. joint stand and take a look at the innovation, you will be amazed.

About the company
AmplexDiagnostics GmbH is a medium-sized and independent company specialising in rapid molecular biological solutions in the field of CE IVD diagnostics for microbiological and virological issues. The company was founded in 2002 in Munich and moved in 2005 to Gars-Bahnhof with room for steady and healthy growth. Close cooperation with international scientists inspires our R&D department and optimises our portfolio. These recent findings on new resistances and germs are an integral part of our products and are passed on directly to all our customers in the form of highly up-to-date test kits. 


Dr. rer. physiol. Simone Gränz
Senior Product Management and Marketing International