PPS Innovation GmbH is the EU pioneer in R&D and manufacturing of sustainable disposable nitrile gloves.

Press release | PPS Innovation GmbH

PPS Innovation GmbH, based in the hearth of Bavaria, is the pioneer in the entire EU in R&D, as well as the production of sustainable disposable nitrile gloves. The first production of nitrile gloves in Europe was started by PPS in the summer of 2022 in Bulgaria. We are developing the first 100 % biodegradable and/or recyclable NBR gloves. 

PPS Innovation GmbH sustainably pursues the goal of producing bio-based and 100% biodegradable nitrile gloves completely decentralized in Europe. The short supply chains, as well as the application of local resources and the sustainable entire life cycle are the focus. By carefully developing, testing and integrating innovative sustainable production processes, materials and product features, we aim to achieve the disposable gloves of the future and place them on the market in a sustainable way.

The clear advantage over competitors from Southeast Asia and North America is sustainability in every form in the context of the overall life cycle of NBR disposable gloves. Nitrile gloves are currently the world market leader in the disposable glove segment as personal protection products in the medical, laboratory, cosmetic, food processing and other sectors, and the trend continues to rise. Especially in developing regions, the issue of biodegradability is highly relevant, as a result of poor waste management there. Our response to our own quality requirements, as well as the increasing demands and social expectations in the context of sustainability for such products, is targeted systematic innovation work to achieve a 0-carbon footprint for our product. We do this in the context of our competence network and highly competent teams, as well as partners from Germany and Europe.

Created with care for the people, our products are designed to provide protection in the healthcare, food, industrial and general use sectors.  The materials we use to create our products are carefully selected and of the highest quality to offer extra durability and long-term safety. Within our interdisciplinary team, together with innovation partners from Bavaria, Germany and Europe, we are developing, testing and integrating novel cutting-edge processes, technologies, formulas and solutions towards offering as a final product bio-based, decentrally produced and used 100 % biodegradable and/or recyclable NBR gloves. Our factory in Bulgaria, with its own lab has its own production line, storage facility and a highly Qualified, experienced and dedicated team. With over 6000 sq. m. of workspace, our production line has a capacity of 800 000 gloves per day.


  • Product Made in EU
  • Sustainable lifecycle
  • Goods on stock
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • High quality and competitive prices

We are open for collaboration in R&D, resource efficiency, further product portfolio development and supply of any types of customers.

About the company
PPS Innovation GmbH is based in the Metropolitan Area of Munich. Our young and highly motivated team is working towards achieving an optimal sustainability level for the NBR disposable gloves.

We are the European pioneer in manufacturing high-quality disposable nitrile gloves for all relevant markets.

Our vision
Founded amid a worldwide pandemic, PPS Manufacturing was born by a call to action. A call to protect people’s health and the wellbeing of our planet by providing independent access to reliable personal protective equipment, while constantly searching for greener solutions.

Our mission
To protect people’s health and wellbeing by providing access to reliable sustainable personal protective equipment.

Our values
1. We are focused on growth
We embrace every opportunity to learn, improve and do more.
2. We enjoy our work
Our work is fulfilling and exciting! We revel in our vocation and the environment we are building.
3. We help and support each other
We are always available and ready to assist our colleagues, partners and clients.
4. We are efficient
We don’t extinguish fire with champagne.
5. We are responsible

We build trust through accountability and respect towards our partners, team, clients and nature.  


Dr. Georgi Georgiev
CINO, Procurator