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Our Medical Checkup NAVI provides a wide range of functions including reservation, results input, report generation, time-series data management, linkage with other software, billing and statistics generation. It also features customizability.

What is ‘Medical Checkup NAVI’
Medical Checkup NAVI is a all-in-one packaged software, which supports almost all operations of a medical check-up, such as managing the patient’s information, making a medical checkup schedule, recording medical exam results and making many kinds of documents or check-up reports.

Function Introduction

Reservation service
• Reservation framework
Designate a reservation space by specifying “Company,” “Number of reservations,” “Reser-vation period,” and “Time,” etc. Check the reservation status (number of reservations or the number of free reservation spaces) on the calendar.
• Individual appointments and Group reservations
Reservation registration once per examinee unit is possible. Settings can be made in detail, such as in the addition and cancellation of examination items or for a change of charges.
Bundle the registration of appointments of several patients of the same workplace.
• Reservation status checks and lists
Register patient reservations by date using the calendar format.
Print the prospective roster with specified conditions such as reservation date and company.
• Printing of Pre-form, Medical checkup label and DM (address) label

Input service
• Results input
Examination items by patient can be displayed on the screen.
Input edits of examination results, findings, and ranks. The barcode retrieval of target data is also possible (optional).
• Single item assessment (automatized)
Perform the determination of numerical and qualitative items with reference to the inspection reference value master.
• Continuing input
One of the designated items of the examinee’s data of the designated consultation period is continuously displayed on the screen. Input and edit the examination results and findings. The input of grades is also possible.
• Acquisition of external inspection results
Read any result file (HIT format, BML format, SRL format, etc.) and register it in the data-base. When downloading from the HIT server, encryption and decryption processing is also performed.

Reporting service
• Medical examination result report printing
Single-person medical examination result report printing.
Create a report layout in Excel. If you create multiple layouts, you can select your design (Excel file) from the screen.
• Medical examination results list
Medical examination results report printing (joint signature)
• Results data file output
Create a results file (CSV) in a format specified by a company or by the applicable health in-surance system.
The file layout is defined in Excel (special processing needs to be incorporated into the pro-gram; optional).

Invoice service
• Billing and printing
Create a bill based on the charge information registered in the medical examination data of each examinee.
• Create counter window accounts (receipts for co-payment) and print them.
Create a bill based on the charge information registered in the medical examination data of each examinee.

Statistics service
• Report for submission to the Labor Standard Inspection Office
Printing on blank-form paper.
• Assessment list by inspection item
The number of persons corresponding to each assessment is tabulated and printed separa-tely for each inspection item.
• Daily account table
Summarize and print fees for each company and course.

Master maintenance
It also includes many masters, such as examination reference value master, examination item and course master, examinee master, doctor master, hospital master, and so on.

About the company:

Company name: HIT Co., Ltd. 
Location: 4F, Wellness Cube Omiya, 1-853-8 Miyahara Cho, Kita-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefec-ture, Japan 331-0812
Line of business:Development, sales, and maintenance of medical application products (system, software). Our main product is a medical check-up software application, “Medical check-up NAVI”. With this software, starting a medical check-up project in hospitals or clinics smoothly.


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